Empty Bowls

By Journeys School Students

Driving Question:

How might we support people affected by the government shutdown?

Project Description

People affected by the government shutdown need a way to get food because government shutdown = limited resources for certain individuals (money) = limited access to essential living requirements like food.

We had many ideas, like donating food to the Jackson Cupboard. We are also making cookies for Katie Fisher Day and we wanted to take cookies to the Cupboard as well. We did collect food and deliver it to the Cupboard, but we wanted to do more so we decided to host and Empty Bowls event with bowls we glazed ourselves and also donate the money to the Cupboard.

Community Impact

We hosted an “Empty Bowls” fundraiser to raise money for the Jackson Cupboard.  With the help of participating local restaurants, we sold a soup and bread lunch, alongside our own ceramic bowls. At the end of the day, we had more than 125 people in attendance and raised more than $700.


Our big setback was weather. We had to cancel the event and reschedule for the next week and we had already collected soup from restaurants. Our kitchen stored the soups for us and we had to communicate out to everyone that the event was changed because of inclement weather. We pulled it off the next week.

Words of Wisdom

We kept it simple by glazing bowls versus making and glazing and getting the soup, bread, and music donated.

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