Storer Scholars Year 1

At the end of the 2011-12 school year at the University of Wyoming, four excellent students from the College of Education were selected as the first class of Storer Scholars. Of these four students, 3 are undergraduates studying to be teachers and 1 is a graduate student at the University of Wyoming, and a former graduate student at Teton Science Schools.

The four Storer Scholars were selected from a strong pool of more than 20 of their peers. Ashley Allen, Mariel Pfiefer, Camille Hawkins, and Mary Goetz were named the four Storer Scholars. The decision was difficult and ultimately came down to the four students who demonstrated the most passion for education and for working with children as well as the strength of their references.

Over the summer, the four Storer Scholars received one week of training at Teton Science Schools focused on outdoor, place-based science education. In July, the Storer Scholars taught a week of summer school for 55 students from Carbon County School District #2 in Saratoga, WY.

The inaugural year of the program was a great success, and the Teacher Learning Center looks forward to again partnering with the George B. Storer Foundation, the University of Wyoming, and Carbon County School District #2 on year 2 of the program.

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