Teton Valley Community School Joins Teton Science Schools

The staff and board at Teton Science Schools are extremely excited to announce that on September 1, Teton Valley Community School, located in Victor Idaho, will officially become the 7th program area of Teton Science Schools! The Teton Science Schools Board and Teton Valley Community School Board voted this summer to have Teton Valley Community School join Teton Science Schools.

Teton Valley Community School was founded in the late 1990’s by a small group of parents and teachers dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities in Teton Valley, Idaho. The founders named it Teton Valley Community School to emphasize the importance of the entire community’s involvement in the education of children. TVCS is located in Victor, Idaho and offers education for students in preschool through 6th grade. There are currently 85 students, seven full-time faculty, two administrators and 3 part-time employees. TVCS is committed to enriching the lives of children, nurturing life-long learners and positively impacting the Teton Valley community. The exceptional faculty and staff strive every day to meet the school’s mission; To educate the whole child by integrating creative expression, social responsibility and academic excellence. More info at http://www.tetonvalleycommunityschool.org/

There are numerous benefits Teton Valley Community School joining TSS. TSS has a strategic approach to provide more Idaho programs and recognizes the opportunity to serve kids and families in Idaho. The two organizations have aligned education missions and will enhance the connection between Teton Valley and Jackson Hole. Journeys School of TSS and TVCS can learn and benefit from one another while serving different communities and maintaining their uniqueness. Teton Science Schools continues to lead with its unique model of nonprofit entrepreneurship.

Teton Science Schools has grown tremendously since its early beginnings in 1967. Program areas currently include Field Education, Graduate Program, Teacher Learning Center, Journeys School, Wildlife Expeditions, Conservation Research Center and Teton Valley Community School. For further information contact TSS Communications Director David Watson at david.watson@tetonscience.org or 307.733.1313.

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