What Does It Mean To Be Number 1?

Wildlife Expeditions joined the Teton Science Schools umbrella of educational programs in 1999. Prior to becoming Wildlife Expeditions (WE), we were know as Great Plains Wildlife Institute (GPWI). GPWI incorporated tourism and wildlife research in a very unique way. WE embraced that philosophy and tweaked it. WE has really grown from 2000 when we provided 88 participants with half-day expeditions. This summer we have already provided over 200 participants with a half-day expeditions. We still have 3 of the 4 busiest months to come.

The business model for Wildlife Expeditions has been highly successful. Today there are many companies offering very similar programs to Wildlife Expeditions. Wildlife Expeditions is 1 of 46 tours ranked by TripAdvisor.com offered in Jackson and we are the only non-profit educational organization. Both the office and guide staff at Wildlife Expeditions have worked diligently to develop our five-star, #1 ranking. With all of the activities offered in our local economy, being so highly ranked is wonderful. TripAdvisor.com is the most visited travel related website. Our presence on TripAdvisor.com has been very instrumental for getting the word out about Wildlife Expeditions and Teton Science Schools programming in general.

The education and entertainment that Teton Science Schools provide are the inspiration and admiration of many others. We should be proud of our success. Please don’t be afraid to recommend and support Wildlife Expeditions when in line at Pearl Street Bagels, at the Farmer’s Market or any other appropriate venue.

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