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Research in place-based education indicates that a student’s sense of self, motivation to learn, and community engagement, are enhanced through meaningful interactions with immediate physical and cultural environments. Students learn best when they are able to place learning in a context. The Place Network brings Teton Science Schools’ innovative teaching practices, enduring relationships, integrated curriculum, and global awareness, to students and teachers anywhere in the world. 

The principles of place-based education guide our school model implementation

Our Approach

Local learning serves as a model for understanding the world around us.

Learning is personally relevant to each student.

Learning is grounded in observing, asking relevant questions, making predictions and collecting data.

Creative problem solving is approached systematically.

Community experts, experiences and places are part of the expanded definition of a classroom.

The curriculum matches the real world where traditional subject areas are taught through integrated, and frequently, project-based approaches.

We believe that the learner is at the center, engagement matters, and relevance is crucial

Our Framework

Project-based learning provides opportunities for students to collaborate around relevant, impactful, and complex learning experiences.

Competency-based assessment links learning goals with learning experiences in meaningful ways.

Personalized learning allows students to progress at a pace and in a way that maximizes learning.

Character and Leadership foster the human potential needed to thrive in the future.

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