Wyoming Stream Team Workshops Around Wyoming

Kelli Petrick, Co-Program Coordinator of Wyoming Stream Team, is taking Wyoming Stream Team on the road in August, September and October for programs around the state.From August 27-28, Kelli worked with the Izaac Walton League of America to offer training on watersheds and water quality monitoring near Lander, WY. Representatives from Trout Unlimited, the Snake River Fund, US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Central Wyoming College attended the training. All participants received training in both Wyoming Stream Team’s & Izaak Walton League’s water quality monitoring protocols.Thirty pre-service teachers at the University of Wyoming will get trained in Wyoming Stream Team as part of their science methods course on September 30. Kelli will travel to Laramie, Wyoming to work with the undergraduate students and help them explore water quality monitoring and local water issues on the Laramie River.Finally, on October 1-2, Kelli will offer a two-day training workshop with the Laramie Rivers Conservation District in Laramie, WY. This workshop will be geared towards in-service teachers who are interested in studying water quality monitoring and watersheds with their students. Kelli and the teachers will visit the Laramie River and Spring Creek in Laramie to practice the monitoring protocols and to ask inquiry questions about the water quality.If you are interested in being a part of Wyoming Stream Team trainings, please contact me at leslie.cook@tetonscience.org or 307-734-3736.

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