Wyoming Wildlife Wonders: Day 2

Check out some photos from our experience by clicking here.

NatureI was so excited to learn about all the beautiful wildflowers. There are so many different kinds like Lupine, Indian Paint Brush, and so many others. I don’t know how I’ll ever remember them all! I never would have thought that one place could be so full of information and beauty.-Becca D.

GamesOn the second day of our stay here in Wyoming, we went on a hike. On breaks during the hike we played many different games. Some of the games included “Ninja,” “Birdie on a Perch,” “Black Magic,” “Camouflage,” “Master Tracker,” “Predator.” Other games we played didn’t have a specific name, but were known as different names by different girls. After a wonderful hike and delicious dinner, we all headed back to the Main Lodge and relaxed and played more games, such as “People to People,” and “The Big Wind Blows.”-TyeishaMost of the games we’ve played have been very interesting. “People to People” was a great learning game. We all learned lots of new things about everyone. I hope we get to learn some more games!-Maddy

Path MapsToday all the girls presented their Path Maps. If you don’t know what Path Maps are, they’re a way of sharing the journey of your life in the form of a map. We put where we’re from and many of our interests that all lead up to this trip to Wyoming. We left a blank space on our Path Maps because on the last day we will fill in that blank space with something that we learned or got out of our trip. I loved the idea of the Path Maps.-Jasmine

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