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Place Network

The Place Network is a collaborative network of rural K-12 schools that connect learning and communities to increase student engagement, academic outcomes and community impact.  Schools that join the network will have access to sample curriculum, consulting and implementation, research to inform practice and online communities. We believe that a network of schools learning from one another can accelerate student impact.


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We exist to provide an equal opportunity for all learners to make a difference in the world

The Case

✓ Local and global challenges need innovative solutions.

✓ Learners need a different model.

✓ Communities need involvement and engagement.

✓ Students are not connecting with local places.

✓ Learning networks need to expand opportunity from school to entire communities.

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“It’s pretty powerful stuff! We’ve learned so much and are getting the opportunity to apply the place-based principles to the context of Fairview. Needless to say, we’re ecstatic about this journey that we’re taking together as a school family!”
- Tyler Simmons, Columbia School District

Current Network Status


Schools in Network

3000 +

Students Impacted

100 +

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place-based learning
place-based learning
place-based learning
place-based learning
place-based learning
place-based learning