Service Opportunities

Host an AmeriCorps Service Member

Teton Science Schools is excited to offer other organizations in our community the opportunity to host AmeriCorps members and have them serve directly at your organization! Teton Science Schools has 9+ years of experience administering and implementing AmeriCorps grant procedures and protocol. Teton Science Schools has operated as a Hub Site for AmeriCorps members since 2015. As such, Teton Science schools is able to provide qualified local nonprofit and governmental organizations with AmeriCorps members who will serve the majority of their term at that organization.

AmeriCorps members will assist with your organizational goals while building capacity to increase STEM literacy in the greater Jackson Hole community. Teton Science Schools will provide members with room, board and training that prepares them to effectively accomplish their goals during their service terms. Providing such amenities allows partner organizations to spend more time on member recruitment, development and organizational projects. We are excited about the opportunity to increase our impact as a community in building STEM literacy.

AmeriCorps sign on Jackson Campus

As a Hub Site, Teton Science Schools Provides:

  • Room and board at the Jackson Campus of Teton Science Schools
  • A five-day training & orientation that covers AmeriCorps logistics; development of leadership, risk management & decision-making skills; and an introduction to educational pedagogy
  • Administrative oversight of member background checks, enrollment and exit processes
  • Management of the AmeriCorps grant
  • Site visits & general support to the host site, including guidance in the member search process with advertising & hiring strategies
  • AmeriCorps Supervising and Mentoring Training for a point person in your organization

Host Sites Responsibilities

  • Provide payment to Teton Science Schools for the housing, food, training and overhead costs for each AmeriCorps member serving at your organization
  • Create member position description for your organization, advertise and hire AmeriCorps members
  • Train and mentor members throughout their period of service
  • Align member duties and responsibilities with the Grant Focus (see description above) as well as with AmeriCorps policies
  • Implement assessments outlined by Teton Science Schools
  • Provide timely and clear communication with Teton Science Schools’ Hub Site Coordinator
  • Provide data, pictures and narratives for grant reporting
  • Provide proof of liability insurance to cover members

AmeriCorps Member Requirements & Benefits:

  • Complete service term as outlined by dates in contract.
  • Upon successful completion of their service term, members will receive an Education Award from AmeriCorps. Education Award amounts are dependent on the length of the member’s service term.