Throughout the school year we welcome school groups to our campus for residential, field education programs. Group sizes range from 8 to 100 people with students ranging in age from 3rd-12th grade, but the majority of students are in middle school. Prior to the groups’ arrival we work to understand the curricular interests of the teachers and customize a program to meet the goals of both Teton Science Schools and the visiting school. Professional instructors and AmeriCorps members are responsible for supervision and instruction during morning and evening programs as well as during the field day. Visiting teachers and chaperones are responsible for supervision of students during meals, free time and overnight in our lodges. The typical program is 5 days in length with the first and last day utilized for orientation and wrapping up the program and the middle days focused on field science and exploration. Programs may be as short as 3 days and as long as 9 days. Field education programs also include adult programs through Road Scholar and family programs.