A Place-Based Symposium to Remember

adolescent boy examines an aspen tree


One by one, educators, students, administrators, and community leaders logged into the 6th Annual Place-Based Symposium last week to reimagine the future of education. The Symposium was held in a virtual format for the second year in a row due to the constraints of the ongoing pandemic. …

Graduate Program Alumni Spotlight: Nicholas Spinelli ’20

Nicholas Spinelli

Meet Nicholas Spinelli, Graduate Program Class of 2020.
Nicholas SpinelliWho are you?

I define identity—like many other things—as becoming, rather than being. So, my answer to this question has changed dramatically even since entering (and exiting) the graduate program.  …

TSS AmeriCorps Members Find New Ways to Serve

AmeriCorps sign on Jackson Campus

During any given year, between 25 and 30 percent of Americans serve as volunteers. Since its inception in the 1990s, AmeriCorps has played an important role in connecting individuals and organizations to help communities overcome challenges. …

What Color is Place?

Honoring Dr. Carolyn Finney for International Women’s Day …

“In the case of race and the environment, it’s not just who we imagine has something valuable to say. These assumptions, beliefs, and perceptions can be found in the very foundation of our environmental thinking,

TGIF: TSS Supports Local Elementary Schools on Fridays

Students with drums

Since Friday, September 16, Teton Science Schools has partnered with Teton County School District (TCSD1) and community organizations to provide engaging and enriching programming for elementary-aged students in need of supervision on the county’s virtual Fridays. …

TSS Stories of Impact: Kimberly Johnston

Kimberly Johnston

Kimberly Johnston is a Teton Science Schools Field Education alumna. Kimberly participated in a week-long field education program at the Kelly Campus in the winter of 1985. Kimberly is currently a partner at Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) in the EY Americas Power & Utilities practice.

Field Education at Home: Sit Spots

Students sitting in fieldAge Range & Audience: This sensory activity is great for any age, andcan be done together or alone. A few modifications and extensions are offered below.

Materials: Journal, …

Field Education at Home: Making Observations

Age Range & Audience: This activity is great for any age, especially upper elementary school students. It can be done together or alone. A few modifications and extensions are offered below.

Materials: Natural or human-made object, …